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  • Signature Style: Teyana Taylor

    The 90’s tomboy style has really been making a comeback in the last year and I must admit I’m loving it. I also must admit that Teyana Taylor has been rocking this look the best since bringing it back in 2007.

    I have always loved the way Teyana Taylor dressed since seeing her on the hit MTV show “Super Sixteen”. Modeling after the style icons of the 90’s such as TLC and Aaliyah, Teyana Taylor rocks a sweet but street style giving you sporty, tomboy chic with a mixture of feminine trends. She also have her days when she is totally girlie which is LOVE! With a body like hers, she can practically rock anything and it would look great.  And seeing how much her style evolve in 2014, Teyana Taylor may be my new fashion favorite!

    What do you think of Teyana Taylor style?

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